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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Very Bad Days


  1. Dear Ester, Annabelle and Juliet:

    Good monring! My name is Simone Pratt and I live in Brooklyn, NY USA. I am a friend of your teacher Ms. Croft. I really enjoyed your stories and pictures! I hope you are having a GOOD day and not a BAD day like your stories :-). I will share this video with my two sons Jackson and Christian.
    Thank you!

    Mrs. Simone Pratt

    1. Dear Mrs. Pratt,

      Thanks for your comment! I hope you like a new video. It's funny! Please share it with Jackson and Christian. Ms. Croft showed us their picture. They are very cute!

      Please keep watching,

  2. (From Merry Croft) Oh, my goodness, those were indeed very bad days! They all prove that falling down can cause injury and some can even send you to the hospital! I am happy that Esther’s finger has healed, Juliet recovered and is back at school and that Annabelle’s friend can play with her again.
    You told your stories well and one thing I noticed, because I am an artist and love to draw, is that all three of you illustrated your stories with exceptional art! Can’t wait to see what you do next time!

    1. Dear Mrs. Croft,

      You say you love to draw and you are an artist! Can we see your art?

      Please keep watching,
      Ms. Croft's class

  3. I am Terrence Lee Croft, Teacher Kate Croft's father. Thank you for including me on the list that gets to see your videos. They were really well done, especially the pictures and the reading. Keep up the good work and your English will be very, very good, too. I think you should do a video about really good days. That would be fun to see. Good by.

    1. Dear Terrence Lee Croft,

      Hello Terrence. I think your mail was very very nice. Were you happy when you saw our bad day video? I'm Terrence mail read, smile.

      Goodbye Terrence! Please keep watching,
      Esther Kim

  4. Dear Ester, Annabelle and Juliet:
    Hello from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). My name is Kim. And I'm Kate Teachers big sister. I have enjoyed watching your videos! I feel like you are sharing your life as if you were just down the street from me! Sadly, I may never get a chance to meet you. But I sure am enjoying watching your progress through the video journal. Keep up the good work. You have a terrific teacher who we miss dearly back home in the States.

    Keep the video's coming. And keep up the good progress in learning our crazy language!

    Blessings to you all,
    Kim (Kate Teacher used to call me Bo when she was your age. So, you can call me Bo, too!)

    1. Dear Kim,

      Hello! I'm Annabelle <3 I'm from Korea.

      Esther and Juliet and I have multimedia class for Croft teacher. Croft teacher is very fun teacher! It's my favorite.

      I watch your comment. Thank you for writing. I make fun story for you! Thank you for we praise. Thanks for your comment! Please keep watching!

      Annabelle <3

  5. 안녕하세요 Juliet, Annabelle and Esther!

    I am Ms Croft's friend from England, my name is Ying Ying. I came to South Korea in September, it was very nice and I miss it.
    I am sorry to hear about your bad days. Esther, I hurt my finger too, and I had a big bandage on it. I will ask Ms Croft to show you the picture.

    I hope you all can do a 'Happy Day' story next time.

    Ying :D

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